Nicole with Farmgirl Chaos came to me with a request to update her logo and solidify her brand colors. Her old logo honed an illustrated window and a very rustic font with a lasso around one of the letters. She wanted to keep a windmill in her logo but other than that, I had free rein to come up with a new brand image. I developed a cleaner, more abstract windmill and removed the foundation. Nicole loved it but wanted to add a "tail" to the windmill. After a few revisions, we came up with a windmill she loves.  

It was a lot of fun when choosing colors for Nicole's personal brand. Nicole's style is very eclectic. I chose Earthy but bright colors. I love how transitional the dusty plum color is. From a distance, it looks navy or charcoal. Nicole's favorite go-to color is orange so we definitely had to corporate it into the logo. Orange is a pretty good color when representing a word like chaos. The sage green is not not featured in the main logo but it pairs perfectly with the main colors and can be used as a fun accent in marketing materials. 

Portfolio_FG Chaos.jpg
Portfolio_Artboard 4.jpg
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Portfolio_FG Chaos_3.jpg
Portfolio_Artboard 4.jpg